About Us


Queer trans guy
(he/him or they/them).
Born in Ireland, raised in Austin, TX. Beckett runs several businesses and is an allergy-friendly treat master.



Queer cis girl (she/her).
Grew up in Delaware but adores the Pacific Northwest. Bre spends most of her time testing Beck's treats and studying ancient myths.

How It All Started

A month after getting married, we published Dear Bethel: Open Letter from an LGBT Alumni. What we didn't expect was how suddenly everyone would be asking us for information on the clobber passages and wondering where they could hear the stories of queer people of faith.

We needed a place to start posting resources, asap. Originally our wedding website, beckandbre.com was commandeered and transformed gradually into the site you see today.

This space exists to deconstruct the lies Christians have told about the LGBTQ+ community for hundreds of years, and to highlight the voices of queer people of faith.

Meet the Hanans

We live in the Portland, OR area with our dog, Charles Wallace.

We both grew up in the Charismatic Christian movement and were homeschooled K-12. We met while attending the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, CA. These days, our faiths have evolved into something more personal, unfundamentalist, and difficult to label.

We were best friends for 6 years before realizing we were in love. We met in 2010 and tied the knot in 2017.

Beck came out as trans (by announcing his pronoun shift to "he/him" to our wedding guests) less than a month before we got married, and started HRT (hormone replacement therapy) a month after.

Bre volunteers with an LGBTQ+ youth group and knits "going home" blankets for adopted shelter cats. Beck is a recurring guest on the Reclaiming Christianity podcast and is the editor for BrazenChurch.com. Together we host calls and manage a Facebook group for LGBTQ+ BSSM alumni.